¿Qué escucha tito nosce?

Mucho Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Freddie King, B.B. King, Luther Allison, Creedence C.R., Corey Harris, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, R.L. Burnside, Rod Piazza, Ronnie Earl, mucho Bach, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Clapton, Pink Floyd, muchísimo blues, muchísimo jazz, muchísima electrónica (psytrance, trance, house, minimal techno, downtempo…) y podría seguir así un montón de rato porque para tito nosce el Metaverso sin música —y sin la mirada limpia de un niño— sería un error
Sin embargo, según Spotify, esta ha sido la canción que más veces he escuchado durante este 2018.
Es una pasada. Atentos a la letra.



If I had been God
I would have rearranged the veins in the face to make them more
Resistant to alcohol and less prone to ageing
If I had been God
I would have sired many sons and I would not have suffered
The Romans to kill even one of them
If I had been God
With my staff and my rod
If I had been given the nod
I believe I could have done a better job
If I were a drone
Patrolling foreign skies
With my electronic eyes for guidance
And the element of surprise
I would be afraid to find someone home
Maybe a woman at a stove
Baking bread, making rice, or just boiling down some bones
If I were a drone
The temple’s in ruins
The bankers get fat
The buffalo’s gone
And the mountain top’s flat
The trout in the streams are all hermaphrodites
You lean to the left but you walk to the right
And it feels like déjà vu
The sun goes down and I’m still missing you
Counting the cost of love that got lost
And under my Gulf Stream, in circular balls
There’s ninety-nine cents worth of drunkards and fools

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